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HomegroupsSomething amazing happens when we step out of our comfort zone and connect with people. We begin to see the world through God’s eyes and see our place serving others. Home Groups give us a chance to interact with people and minister to each other in just the way God has wired us. Our vision for Home Groups is to connect people together for the purpose of fellowship, growth in our walk with Christ, and seek ways to serve others. This isn’t about knocking on doors; It’s about learning to let God work through you in the world around you.

Want a comfortable place to not only study God’s word. but learn how to apply it? Home Groups give you the opportunity to put legs to your beliefs as you share life with the body. Home Groups are small groups of 10-15 people who meet together regularly for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.


Home Group Semesters

Our Fall Semester runs September-November and our Spring Semester runs January-May.

Our Application Groups are open groups and anyone can attend any time. Our Study Groups are closed groups and have a beginning and end each semester, and an enrollment fee for curriculum.

If you are wanting to visit a group in mid-semester, then select an Application Group that meets on a day and a time that fits your schedule.  You can find locations and times for all groups below.

Application Groups

Application Groups will discuss the weekend messages. The focus is not re-teaching what was taught, but encouraging and exhorting one another to apply what was taught. In other words, to live what we learned. These are open groups, so visit any time. (Some groups may not be able to support childcare, so check the information for the group you are interested in attending.)

Young Adults in P’ville  – Falcon Pointe

Friday’s @ 7PM
512-775-1100 (Children welcome)
Michael Lawson – Rudy & Betsy Alvarado
3016 Grand Mission Way

P’ville – Highland Park

Thursday’s @ 7PM
505-903-4576 (Adults Only)
Dave Napier – Scott & Mari Kesselring
908 Windsor Castle Dr

Round Rock – Mayfield Ranch

Friday’s @ 7PM (Except 1st Friday each month)

Jaime Velarde/ Jaime & Rachel Velarde
3825 Sky Lane


Looking for new Host Homes for application groups for Fall 2016, send email of interest to general mailbox on main page or stop by The Grove in the lobby.




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