At Calvary Austin, we have contemporary style worship and use both songs and hymns that are new and old. Our church has been blessed with members who offer their talents and time in various areas of musicianship and technical skills. We do our best to lead the church into a time of worship and hope these times prepare hearts and minds for some quality time in the Word of God (Bible).

The Worship Team:

  • We ask that our worship volunteers be worshipers first and that all else follow.
  • The skills needed to lead our congregation in worship should be at a level that helps direct the church congregation to focus upon and glorify God the Father, Our Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, but the implementation of those skills should not draw attention to the practitioner (musician, vocalist, etc.). Quality is encouraged but showmanship is discouraged.
  • We understand that distractions due to insufficient skill development as well as a misplaced focus on human performance can detract from the worship experience.
  • We also understand that we, though fallible and imperfect, are welcomed into relationship and given opportunity to worship our God in His perfection. Our team and congregation are both composed of the imperfect seeking to glorify the perfect and Holy God.
  • Worship during services at Calvary Austin are congregational, but the act of worship itself is very personal and relational between each person and God. The worship team does their best to lead and direct worship in services and to eliminate barriers and distractions… but ultimately, each person in the congregation is responsible for their personal worship experience and focus. All are asked to not draw attention to themselves, but rather to give attention to God.
  • Our worship teams include musicians, vocalists, sound engineers and media engineers. These positions are filled with dedicated volunteers from within our church body. The goal is to do our best to create an environment that helps the church worship the Lord.

Common Team Compositions:

  • Vocalists (lead, harmonies, and backing)
  • Rhythm guitar (acoustic or electric)
  • Percussion (drum kit or hand drums)
  • Bass guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Lead electric guitar
  •  Sound Engineer
  • Visual Media Engineer (lyrics computer operator)

Worship Team Needs and Try-outs:

When we have need for more volunteers on the worship team, we announce the specific need to the church. Example: if we need a bass guitar player, we inform the church that we are looking for bass players to try out for a role on the worship team. Try-outs are held specifically for positions as we have need.

The Try-out process:

  1. The need for a specific position is shared with the church.
  2. Interested people contact Clinton Sandberg (csandberg@calvaryaustin.com)
  3. Initial materials are given that inform about:
    1. Calvary Austin
    2. Calvary Chapel Distinctives
    3. worship format at Calvary Austin
    4. Necessary skills to start with the worship team
    5. Paper questionnaire
  4. In-person interview with worship leader or church staff
  5. Tryouts with worship leader and current worship team personnel
  6. Probationary trial period if brought onto the team

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