Holding on to Promises

Holding on to Promises

I’ve never been to a Promise Keepers’ gathering — only because I’m not sure that I am one. I’d like to say that I was, but my track record does not reflect absolute perfection in this area. Of the thousands of men who have attended Promise Keepers rallies, I wonder how many have actually remained true to their commitment to be better husbands and fathers. We’d have to ask their wives and children to get a real answer, but I’d venture to say the statistics might be disappointing.

I do know of one man who is actively involved with Promise Keepers. He left his first wife to be with his second. He then left his second to be with his third. He abandoned his third within one year’s time. It seems odd to me that someone so unfaithful in marriage could actively be so involved in a group called “Promise Keepers.”

It is not my intention to bash this well-meaning organization or what it stands for. The only point I wish to make here is that people aren’t perfect. Therefore, odds don’t stack in our favor when it comes to keeping our word. The history of man, even as far back as Adam, attests to the fact that we are not promise keepers at all. Our past is checkered with promises made and promises broken.

It has been said that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. This pearl of wisdom alerts us to a proven pattern when it comes to the human race. Time has not made us more trustworthy. In the Bible we meet only one promise keeper – God! His track record is perfect. He has never broken His Word, not even once! If the best predictor of future behavior is indeed past behavior, there should be no difficulty at all with trusting Him.

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