Men’s Prayer


At Calvary Austin, Prayer is viewed an important aspect of our daily lives.  As such, we also understand the power when two or more join together in prayer.

Come join us, Tuesday mornings (6:00 – 7:00 AM), in the Fellowship Hall, as we pray for the ministries of the church, the ministry leaders and volunteers. We pray for upcoming events that they be Spirit led and God glorifying and for the pastoral staff and elders that they have wisdom. Coffee is provided! If you can’t join us every week it’s not a problem or if you have to leave early because of work we understand!

As was recently shared this years vision or focus for the church is taken from a couple passages:

1) Prov. 31:8 …”to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves; insure justice for those being crushed.” Let’s defend the weak and uphold the helpless.

2) from Matt. 25:35-36 We need to: a) give food to the hungry b) give drink to the thirsty c) take in strangers d) cloth the naked e) visit the sick & f) visit those in prisons

It’s time to “ManUp” guys.  Come take part.


Glendon Nicks


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