Knowing The Season Prophesy Conference

Knowing the Season Prophesy Conference

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Saturday, May 25th
  • 9:00am  Check in & Refreshments
  • 10:00am Worship
  • 10:15am Session 1(Charlie Campbell)
  • 11:00am Break
  • 11:15am Session 2 (Charlie Campbell)
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm  Worship
  • 1:45pm  Session 3 (Charlie Campbell)
  • 2:30pm  Session 4 (Terry Michaels)
  • 3:00pm  Close in prayer
Sunday May 26th 
  • 9:30am   Service 1 (Charlie Campbell)
  • 11:30am Service 2 (Charlie Campbell)


1.  The End Times: An Overview of Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy – Charlie Campbell

Many Christians are confused about the timing (or order of) the upcoming major events on an end times prophetic timeline. In this fascinating and clarifying study, Charlie Campbell gives a clear overview of events like the Rapture, the coming Islamic invasion of Israel (Ezk. 38-39), the bema seat Judgment, the Tribulation, Armageddon, the Antichrist, the Second Coming, the millennial reign of Christ, the new heavens and earth, etc.

2.  The Case for a Pretribulational Rapture – Charlie Campbell

Not really understanding why they’ve believed in a pretribulational Rapture, more and more Christians are abandoning that view for a posttribulational view. In this study Charlie Campbell responds to the most challenging objections and questions raised by posttribulationists and demonstrates from the Bible several reasons why Christians can be confident that Jesus will come again and take us to His Father’s house in Heaven before the Tribulation.

3. The Second Coming, Preterism, and the Book of Revelation – Charlie Campbell

Preterism is the view that the events spoken about in Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation have been largely or completely fulfilled in the events leading up to and surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.  Preterism (from the Latin word for past) is growing in popularity. Could this view be valid? What did the early church think about these passages (Matt. 24 and the Book of Revelation)? In this teaching, Charlie Campbell examines the preterist position, the verses often cited to support their view, and gives

4. Our Heavenly Hope – Terry Michaels

In this session, Terry will discuss the hope God gives in His Word to all who believe in Him, and how Jesus will deliver His people from the wrath to come.


Picture of Pastor Charlie CampbellAbout Charlie Campbell:

Charlie Campbell is a follower of Jesus, a husband to his wife Anastasia, a father of five children, the director of the Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry, an author, and a guest teacher at churches around the United States where he addresses numerous issues related to the defense of the Christian faith.

Prior to his current role, he was on staff at Calvary Chapel in Vista, California, for nine years. There he was the college and career pastor and the director of the School of Ministry where he taught courses on apologetics, world religions and cults, systematic theology, eschatology, hermeneutics, homiletics, and evangelism. He was also an instructor at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California. His teachings and resources have been endorsed by Dr. Norman Geisler, Charles Colson, Chuck Smith, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and others.


Photo of Pastor Terry MichaelsAbout Terry Michaels

Terry Michaels joined the Calvary Austin family in January 2010. Terry also planted Calvary Chapel of the Springs in San Marcos, Texas, where he served as senior pastor for over twelve years.  Prior to coming to Texas, Terry spent many years in youth ministry. He served as youth pastor at Calvary Chapel Siegen, Germany and at Calvary Chapel San Bernardino in Southern California. Terry loves to write and has four books published. His wife, Christy, has been the wind beneath his wings for the past thirty years. They are blessed with two daughters and a granddaughter.

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