Kiss Up To God

In our culture we are accustomed to various types of kisses. We may want to keep our distance and blow a kiss. Then there is the friendly peck. This is how I used to kiss my aged grandfather on the cheek. His wrinkly face was smothered with prickly whiskers so the objective was to get in and get out quickly. Then there is the way a man kisses the woman he loves. If he is true, he will kiss no other like this. It is passionate and intimate. It is moist and it lingers. If you were to compare your worship to a kiss, which would it be? Are you one to blow God kisses from a distance? Maybe you prefer a friendly peck — you like to be quick about it. Or perhaps you are a lingerer; you favor worship that is intimate and passionate. You may be surprised to learn that the word rendered for ‘worship’ in the New Testament comes from the Greek expression for kissing. Interestingly enough, we do find two types of kisses in the Bible. Paul ends several of his epistles by instructing the brethren to ”greet one another with a holy kiss.” The word he uses for ”holy kiss” is philema which refers to a brotherly peck. But this is not how worship is described. This is one of those moist, lingering kisses between two people who are passionate about each other. The New Testament term for worship is proskuneo which means “to kiss towards.”  The Strong’s Greek Dictionary includes this example: like a dog licking his master’s hand. This gives us an idea of how intimate the act of worship should be. True worshipers are passionate. They linger in God’s presence for as long as possible. For the true worshipper this is the highest form of spiritual intimacy one can experience. It goes way beyond emotionalism and transcends tradition. It’s sweet. It’s sincere. The Father is looking for such people to worship Him because they are passionate about seeking Him. They are passionate about His presence.

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