On Saturday, May 10, Calvary Austin will host ‘Chains Be Broken.’ The goal of this

outreach is to bring hope to the hurting, particularly victims of abuse. Pastor Terry

A Life Changing Event!

A Life Changing Event!

Michaels, the visionary behind ‘CBB’ believes no one should have to carry a tragic past to the grave. Each speaker for Chains Be Broken has overcome a dysfunctional existence led on by childhood abuse, and each have a burden to share their story in an effort to help others.

The Victor Marx Story

The Victor Marx Story

Author/speaker Victor Marx is the main speaker for Chains be Broken. Victor is founder/president of ‘All Things Possible’ a ministry dedicated to reaching incarcerated youth who come from broken or abusive homes. Victor endured a childhood marked with physical and sexual abuse, multiple stepfathers, 14 schools and 17 different houses. Victor’s stepfathers were troubled with serious issues of their own; one was a pimp and drug dealer, while another was convicted for killing a man. With chaos as his constant companion, Victor began doing drugs in the sixth grade to escape his pain.

Joining the Marine Corps gave structure to Victor’s life, but did nothing to heal the wounds of his past. Despite psychiatric treatment, he still was not able to get relief from the debilitating flashbacks or the tormenting nightmares that plagued him.

Through what Victor calls a miracle he has become not just a high-functioning survivor, but a “thriver” in life! His story shows how a person can get true freedom from negative behaviors caused by bad circumstances. Learn more about Victor Marx at

Mercedes Miller is also scheduled to share her journey from tragedy to triumph. Mercedes served time in federal prison where she fell prey to abuse. Today she is a pastor’s wife at Calvary Chapel in Grapevine, Texas.

Chains Be Broken is a free one-night event. All are welcome. Doors open at 5:30pm. Start time is 6:00pm. Calvary Austin is located at 1601 W. Pecan Street, Pflugerville TX 78660. For more information call: 512-719-4667.

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